A snow white stabbed red!

The way you look,
So surreal and harmless,
Pure, with a piercing beauty;
A feather frozen in its prime,
Restrained never to fly again,
your will, crushed in every form;
Are you to face the earth forever?!

You lay breathless,
Retaliating, that you never will,
The comfort in your eyes and body,
Fooled everyone but me;
As forgiving as you,
And pleasant with no foul;
You are here to never give up.

I see the longing to a war,
An agile wave that surrounds you,
Waiting for the sun to freeze
You melt down like a poor soul,
Making them believe in love,
A once in a life time love.
For only a melting snow
Stabs your heart, most. ~Sussh~

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