Wiser or just older?

What is the age you stop getting stabbed in the back? I mean, you make new friends at every stage of life isn't? or should you stop making friends at all? I make few friends, I choose people to be closer very selectively. Not everyone makes the list and so many are kept at an …

The way I fail…..

I have failed a lot, I mean a lot of life lessons. It has always been try it, check how it goes, work my ass out to not let it fail, damn! failed. Restart it all over but try to repeat less of the same old things. Well, humans are creatures of habit. It is …

And we begin again!

Finally, retrieved my account back, although it wasn't hacked.... Just forgotten blogging I actually forgot if I wrote about day to day life or just random thoughts or sent out some social messages! Blogging wasn't that hard. It was usually a nice flow for me. Things happened that put a huge block to my words …

Abstracted and aesthetic

Its a pretty worldOut here;To travel in time,To travel the distance,To travel holding hands;Abstracted in this beauty..You Get lost in the air,Something mesmerisingWhile it turns cloudy;Its a pretty world,Out here;Keep your magic broom ready! ~Sussh~

Dive deep into the oblivion

Is it rare?Or simply precious…To know you holdA special place inA heart thatsSerendipitousYet thunderous;Red, blue or yellow,With black and white backdrop;A deep dive intoAn ocean,A hike steepStraight to the sky!Stargazing at midnight,Otherwise, searching forAn eclipse…..All at the same timeAn eclectic emotion…You are at the heartOf the whole world…..Is it rare? Or simplyPrecious! ~Sussh~

Get yourself a sunshine love

Its the morningThat makes a differenceWith love in lifeFor rest of everyday;Bitter and its aromaWarm, yet breezyA coffee under the sunriseLet your morningBe as beautifulAs you wished!Its the morningThat makes allThe difference;Begin with a beautiful smile! ~Sussh~

Geography of Chennai takes a hit!

The below narration or conversation must be common, I believe. A girl from Country B has this conversation to her bench mates. "where are you from? Is it Iran or Iraq? I am not sure if its Iran or Iraq that has lots of fights! and when you talk, your language sounds like Chinese" This …

A language incomprehensible

An emotionThat’s ineffable……And looking at you,A maze untangles….Be my angelAnd bring what’s mine…..My wordsYou unheard….Because I can’t be straight Enough,But would youTry to understandAnd bring back what’s mine?I look at youBewildered is what you perceiveNevertheless, I trustThe way you touch me,Would you just bring back what’s mine. ~Sussh~

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