Not enough

Not enough,Also stings like a squid,Unfinished words,That sat there for someone else;A promise forgotten,For time to move on to galaxies unknown;Walk a little further,To hold on to her hand that you left swirling through thoughts;Stand below for hours,Let her wake up and walk her path;Because why not?Give it a chance,A million chance,If not let her …

Someone else’s shoe

Photo credits: Rohini ❤️ Moonless, yet bright,The path laid in snow and all white,She walked hugging the chilled out breeze,Not her house, not in the woods,It’s a plain field with nothingBut a pair of shoe print;Few more steps forward,With just the crunching soundSlowly caressing behind her ears;Frightened and froze with the wind,Her pupil followed the …

An everyday thing

The uncontainable happinessAnd all you want to doIs paint the town red;All bottled upFrustration and youHave already painted the town red;Unbearable painYou just want toDeafen your pillow;TearsThat doesn’t stopStaining the last good thing;How do you write in a day like this.Just how. ~Sussh~

If I could get that one thing back

We all have one moment or thing in life that we wish to go back and change it or get it back!Retrieving the smile we wore, the love we were adored with, the happy child-like moments, the not-care-a-damn thing we lived in. And most of all, the innocence once we owned! In the fast pace …

Infinite lights

Slaving a million thoughts,She drove days in pennies;Sweating in dust,Her silence was infinite;Clenching every strengthBehind her teeth,She will bleedBefore climbing the top.She shatters in infinite lights. ~Sussh~

The past burning

Gushing into the cave,Something harsh to the ears;But both beautiful and beastly to your eyes;Let it burn, as it holds no place in the present;Leave the doors closed,And never carry a torchWith such burning rage in your heart. ~Sussh~

Turn it gold

You can watch a sunsetTo loose hope for the dayOr romanticize the night fall;You can cry along the riverOr rest your ears in its melancholy;The raindrops on your windowCan be a cloud over your heartOr be the spring you waited for;The happiest things in the worldLies in the blink of your eye! ~Sussh~

Blurry little noose

Wiggling away from the ties,Ties of rope, I played with,Getting caught in the nooseMy own noose,Harsh and burnt,I blink onceI blink twiceBlurry and backwards;Except you.I see you crystal and clear,Holding my bleeding heart! ~Sussh~